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<a style="text-decoration:none;" onclick="ShowProgress();" href="user_circular_notice.aspx?a=4"><p class="sect1" >Invitation-Run for Legal Aid Route Change - on 16.02.2024</p><p class="sect">Invitation-Run for Legal Aid Route Change on the occassion of platinum jubilee of foundation day of Honourable Rajasthan High Court </p></a><a style="text-decoration:none;" onclick="ShowProgress();" href="user_circular_notice.aspx?a=3"><p class="sect1" >Multi Activity Week-2024</p><p class="sect">Announcement regarding Multi Activity week 2024 to be held on platinum jubilee of foundation day of Honourable Rajasthan High Court</p></a><a style="text-decoration:none;" onclick="ShowProgress();" href="user_circular_notice.aspx?a=2"><p class="sect1" >Invitation</p><p class="sect">The Rajasthan High Court Lawyers’ Association, Jodhpur cordially invites you on the eve of constitution day and to attend the deliberation over the subject "Constitution and Our Judicial Administration.</p></a>


Ravi Bhansali (President)
The 3rd pillar of democracy which is the system of the justice has lawyers as a integral and vital component and for carrying forward the nation into the next leap of advancement and modern era of technology there is a significant role for the legal fraternity.

The opportunity galore is spread before us to be grabbed and performed as we have a pivotal role in carrying forward the society of this great nation to the frontline of the modern world.

As the nation in its demographical structure has the huge energy of youth in majority in the general population and so is the fraternity and if we galvanize this force of youth which is manifold the existing middle aged and senior lawyers the bar is likely to contribute richly to the world. Being a bar of judicial capital of Rajasthan we share a great responsibility upon us in aforementioned spectrum of growth and advancement.

We therefore should strive for emancipation of the society and the nation so as to walk in the frontline of such crusade which we have no choice but to win. While enjoying the huge representative capacity as a Bar councilor and President of this association I take upon myself and my colleagues to walk an extra mile while helping the have and have not to have every right including fundamental rights, constitutional obligations, criminal reforms, Panchayat Raj empowerment emancipation of women handicapped and old age persons etc.

The environmental and pollution issues deserve more energies of lawyers so the fraternity can effectively contribute to the sustenance of mother earth. The bludgeoning pendency and institutional lethargy are our biggest enemies as we carry forward the duties and aspirations of every citizen of this great country. Time has come to rise and shine while ensuring a positive energy and outlook to serve the nation and carry it forward in the frontline of human civilization .Lawyers are cast with a inherent professional duty to put special emphasis on reaching out to the poorest amongst the poorest and bringing a smile to their faces along their a confidence of justice delivery system to which they can look upon for fulfilling their dreams and to make available the rights and reforms to the farthest corners of the society to help the country to usher into a new era of growth and development.

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